About us

We are a Management Consulting company specialized in Project Management of research and IT projects across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). We would like to unlock the continent for our clients globally as we have experience working in the region with leading global research firms. We have experience spanning over 10 years in the continent and Africa is our home.


Bora Consulting has been involved in providing CAPI (electronic data collection services using phones/tablets/pc) services for our clients in different markets in the region with experience in Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Lesotho and Southern Africa region.

We are now supporting our clients on CAWI (computer aided web interviews) which enables interviews to be done on the web. This have enabled our clients reach out to respondents across regions/countries of interest.

We are the regional partners of dooblo (SurveyToGo) in Sub-saharan Africa. 


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